fdf_TRE3.jpgBorn in France, fluent in both French and English, after 10 years in Asia, I landed in Madrid, Spain, in September 2019. And I feel blessed to continue my path in such a green, vibrant and welcoming city!

I teach several disciplines, in small groups or private sessions, with always the same aim to make you feel alive, grounded and free. They include Yoga (Hatha, Yin), meditation, Qi gong, and TRE. Practicing these disciplines while keeping your awareness on your sensations allows you to calm your thoughts, access new possibilities of personal development and be relieved from chronic tension.

64377806_870890126579206_308613075462782976_nThe way I teach is ‘from the inside out’: your sensations guiding your movements, and instead of pushing you to ‘accomplish’ something, I help you feel more and more ‘at home’ in your body and in the space around you.

I propose classes in French & English; for more information, do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here.

_LEK5351I also propose 1-to-1 therapeutic sessions infused with the disciplines presented here above but also combined with Somatic Experiencing (SE), an internationally recognized body based method to heal from stress and trauma.  For more information, click here.





Caroline is an amazing yoga teacher and a beautiful person. She is passionate about yoga and meditation, and you can feel it during her class. On top of that I never had exactly the same class in 2 years practice ! Thank you Caroline.” – Isabelle, July 2017

“Caroline permet grace à son savoir faire et sa bienveillance d’avoir des moments d’équilibre, douceur et bien être. Je vous recommande vivement ses cours” – Catherine, June 2017

Caroline is a wonderful teacher, she has found her path, radiates and is really skilled at sharing her knowledge and passion. Her classes are the perfect balance of grounding, spirituality and physical aspects. I would recommend it to anybody.” Solene, May 2017

“I never tried Yoga before. I did a lot of sport when I was younger but not anymore. When I arrived in Bangkok, all my friends told me to try Yoga etc. But I am not a big fan of that. Then I met, Caroline and she proposed me to try one day the TRE method. One day, I was very tired and stressed so I decided to join one of her class. I did one class and I felt some sensations that I never had before. This class was a huge benefit for me and I learnt a lot of things about my body. Caroline is very soft, you re with only 3 or 4 people and it is not expensive! I will definitely come back!” – Marina, May 2017

“Yoga and meditation for all levels. Wonderful teacher, wonderful person. Highly recommended!” – Livia, April 2017

Caroline is a knowledgable, creative, and loving teacher! She is dedicated and always looking for inspiration to learn and share with her students. And her smile and laugh is contagious, you can’t help but leave happier than when you arrived) I can not wait to go to Bangkok to take her class!!” – Sara, January 2016